Artist Statement


My work is about energy and the force that creates each divine life. Stars, plants, animals, and humans—we each have our own special uniqueness, yet we are all part of one great, universal whole. Polarities and opposites pervasive in our universe—simplicity/complexity, good/evil, male/female, faith/reason—intrigue me and are an underlying current in my work. I believe the essence of creating balance lies in these polarities.

Though I’ve worked in a variety of materials, my current medium is steel. I am drawn to the seductive quality of molten metal and its ability to make a fleeting idea permanent. Frida Kahlo once said, “I paint flowers so that they do not die.” I believe this is the same reason I have chosen to create organic forms in steel. The unique energy of each entity, real or imagined, is something worth preserving.

I am inspired by nature’s infinite forms and fascinated by the inherent motion and universal patterns found in both natural and manmade objects. I strive to capture this rhythm in my work. Though no artist can compete with the perfection or spectacular beauty that exists in our ocean, earth, and sky, or in the tiniest cell or organism, my challenge is in studying these forms, as well as those man has created, and bringing them together in an interesting way.

Say "Yes" to life! "Yes" to wonder, to joy, to despair.
"Yes" to pain, "yes" to what you don't understand.
Try "yes." Try "always." Try "possible." Try "hopeful."
Try "I will." And try "I can."

- Leo Buscaglia

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